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Breaking changes related to logging in

Logging in using a login name was cancelled, now everyone has to use their e-mail to log in. To allow for an easy transition, we set up a new account for you using the e-mail address you entered in your former WetNotes account (the Settings page).

From now on, you are able to use Social Logins (Facebook, Google, Microsoft) for logging in. We wanted to make this as easy as possible, so if your e-mail on Facebook (Google, Microsoft) is the same as the one you entered in your former WetNotes account, your identity will be linked and everything will work immediately. Should you want to replace your current e-mail with your new social identity, please contact us at support@wetnotes.cz.

Your dives are not lost!

In more recent cases, you will be actually able to see and analyze much more data than ever before! In case of your older dives, the same amount of basic information as before will be shown. We recommend replacing the old data with the original log file (e.g. delete the dive and upload it again using the original dive log file).

What happened to the Friends section?

We decided to simplify dive sharing significantly. You don't need to designate someone as your friend to share a dive with them anymore! Just by clicking the Share button on the dive detail page you will get a link which you can share by anyone using e-mail or any chat/social media. This link, valid for a week, will allow your friends and colleagues to link your dive with their profile. All these linked dives can then be accessed in the Shared Dives section.